15 & 16 May 2021

757 Gympie Road, Lawnton

entry via Lawnton Pocket Road - lots of parking in show ring

Pine Rivers Garden and Plant Fair

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Starting over, picking up from where we left off.

Posted on 1 June, 2018 at 7:15

After the mammoth effort of getting the first event up and running I am not sure whether I should be feeling so subdued right now.  The clock is ticking again and there is only 11 months until the Fair is going to be held again. 

I would like to have been able to enjoy the Fair more but being the organiser doesn't allow one to have a lot of fun.  Having all those plant sellers and things for the garden but no time to really look at anything was a bummer.  Still, I heard everyone had a good time and its six weeks later and we are still hearing it was a good event so I am pleased about that.

So far I have a number of speakers I hope locked in and nothing happens to upset that particular flower cart, but as time goes on I can only speculate that there will be something happen and a last minute change to happen. 

I feel some creativity bubbling away in my head and I am hoping that something will rise to the surface over the next few weeks so I can start preparing some interesting sights for the grounds.  I can only hope that with some sponsorship I can add some more the the event to make it more interesting for people to enjoy.

I best get those lists started again, I have cleaned the white board in anticipation.

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